6V/12V everActive CBC-5 Processor Charger

EAN: 5903205771483
Producer code: CBC5

Intelligent processor charger for popular 6V and 12V batteries used in automotive and industry. Ideal for automotive, motorcycle, lead acid, gel, AGM batteries.
Type - digital, pulsed with easy-to-read backlit LCD display.
Charging current - 0.8A / 3.8A.

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Brand: everActive

Charger ' car rectifier ' for 6V / 12V gel / AGM / lead acid batteries everActive CBC-5
digital, fully automatic

everActive CBC5 is a universal charger / so-called "smart rectifier" for all types of acid batteries (automotive, etc.) 6V and 12V, gel / AGM.

NEW DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY means smaller sizes, more reliability, more efficiency, more efficiency, less electricity consumption.
The charger supports most commercially available car, gel, AGM batteries with capacities of 1.2 - 120 Ah.
It has a large, easy-to-read LCD display and built-in voltmeter, allowing you to quickly assess the charge of the connected battery.

Straight from a power specialist

24 months warranty.

The everActive CBC-5 is a brand new model replacing the CBC-4 - compared to its predecessor, the charging algorithm has been improved - now the charging process is divided into as many as 9 stages, in addition, the end of the main charge occurs after the charging phase with constant voltage with a smooth decrease in charging current, resulting in a better degree of battery charge.

The charger is intelligent, controlled by a microprocessor - when fully charged it automatically turns off, going into voltage monitoring mode - 100% safe for any battery.
The effectiveness of our charger is comparable to the charging process in leading professional devices (even many times more expensive) - regular use of the smart charger does not negatively affect the operation of the battery,on the contrary, extends its service life!

The charger is not only dedicated to high-capacity car batteries - thanks to carefully developed charging programs, it is also suitable for gel, motorcycle, yacht batteries or batteries for smaller capacity scooters.

Unlimited possibilities - our charger is equipped with a unique, disconnected cable with SAE quick coupled. This allows the charger to be seamlessly adapted to your installation when the included crocodile cables and eye terminals are insufficient.

Additional SAE concoctors are available separately.

The charger uses pioneering solutions:

  • automatic and reliable control of the battery charge - when a certain voltage is reached, or an automatic drop in the charging current,
  • voltage monitoring after charging - automatic resumption of charging in case of voltage drop on the battery,
  • the charger eliminates the su bridging of batteries that may occur during charging,
  • "Winter" mode - guarantees full and efficient battery charge, even at b. low ambient temperature - provides higher than standard charging voltage,
  • "reactivation/resuscitation" mode - special charging mode - in the case of extremely discharged batteries,the charger applies a limited charging current with single pulses until a safe voltage is reached allowing for faster charging - the charger itself decides on the need to use this mode,
  • disconnected cable equipped with fast-sae connector, allows you to adjust the charger to suit your needs, standard equipment includes crocodile tips and eye terminals,
  • charger equipped with a set of short circuit protection, against incorrect connection of poles, against overheating, overload, overcharge, etc.
The CBC 5 charger is designed for 6V/12V gel, lead acid, AGM, VRLA, VLA, SLA, WET, GEL, Lead-Acid batteries. Charging is automatic, multi-step. Charging mode, the operation of the charger is indicated on the backlit LCD display.

The first step is to measure and indicate the voltage at the battery terminals and determine its type. For a 12V battery, by pressing the "MODE" button, you can select a charging program (0.8A/3.8A) as well as a "winter" mode characterized by a higher charging voltage (this is also the default recommended charging mode for many modern AGM batteries). The condition of the battery is assessed and reactivated if necessary (only for heavily discharged cells) - charging with reduced current with single pulses.
The next step is basic charging - depending on the charging mode with a maximum intensity of 0.8A or 3.8A.
The next steps are to control the charging process - as the voltage on the battery increases, the charging current is reduced.
In the final phase of charging, the current is smoothly limited to 0.5A - this is an excellent protection against the phenomenon of "gasification" of the battery. When the voltage reaches 14.4V/14.8V (for 12V battery) and 7.3V (for 6V battery), the main charge is complete.
The final stage is the phase of monitoring the voltage on the battery - in case of prolonged leaving the charger connected to the battery and the voltage drop to 13.1V/12.8V (for a 12V battery), the charger turns on the support charge to prevent further discharge or souscoulation of the battery.
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