Breathalyzer breathalyzer disposable everActive

EAN: 5902020523925

Inexpensive and precise breathalyzer (disposable breathalyzer).
Made in Poland.
Laboratory tested for measurement accuracy.
Equipped with a unique 4-step comparative scale - fast and unambiguous reading of the measurement result.
Scale: 0.00, 0.20, 0.50 and 0.80 per mille.

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Brand: everActive
Disposable breathalyzer / breathalyzer everActive.

Min. tester validity: 01.2023

Manufactured in Poland,accurate breath alcohol tester:

- the highest quality measuring instrument produced in Poland, in accordance with EU standards,
- laboratory tested for measurement accuracy - on request we provide the result of the tests,
- quick to use - reading after a few minutes,
- disposable, thus the most hygienic,
- a unique scale of 0.0‰, 0.2‰, 0.5‰ and 0.8‰ placed directly on the acolytic housing, parallel tothe measuring window, allows a quick, reliable and above all unambiguous reading of the result,
- included everything you need to measure,
- packed in aesthetic colored foil, pendant.

The everActive breathalyzer is an extremely sure disposable measuring instrumentthat is used to control the alcohol content of the exhaled air. The degree of change in the color of the probierza substance from white to red informs us about the approximate alcohol content in the exhaled air.

Changing the colour of the substance from white to red makes it easier to read the measurement result, in addition, red-ox technology guarantees high sensitivity and precision - measurements are made with excellent repeatability and accuracy.

The results are read from a clear and legible scale placed both directly on the breathalyzer and the packaging.

Thanks to the use of the best quality materials and the latest technologies, our breathalyzer stands out from other products available on the market.

The contents of the set:
- 1x tester, glass measuring tube with safety caps, filters, measuring substance and absorbent granules,
- 1x tester manual.

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