EAN: 4008496988211
Producer code: 57671

Large LCD display
processor charger
8 individual charging channels

price 21,90 €
Brand: Varta

VARTA LCD MULTI CHARGER+ 57681 Multichannel Charger

Description of the charger:

  • Charges up to 8 cells AA, AAA – charging time: 4 h
  • Single charging channels
  • Intelligent charging finalization system
  • Larger and simplified LCD display for more convenience
  • Improving the sensitivity of detection of damaged cells
  • Extensive safety features: Minus Delta V method, timer, short circuit protection, detection of alkaline batteries and broken cells
  • 3 years warranty
  • AC adapter (100-240V)

* Depends on battery capacity: based on 4 1600mAh AA batteries

Advantages of the charger:

Independent charging channels
Allows you to charge different number and combinations of rechargeable batteries

Minus Delta V Method

A method that uses the fact that the voltage on the charged cell decreases slightly (- Delta V) as soon as it is fully charged and the charging process is completed.

The timer shuts down the devices after a specified period of time, regardless of the charge status.

Detection of alkaline batteries and broken batteries
Contains criteria for turning off the charger to prevent primary batteries from charging, damaged batteries, or batteries with reverse polorization.

Short circuit protection
Faulty and short-circuited cells will not be charged and will not damage the charger

Protection against improper polarity
Protection against reverse insertion of the rechargeable battery

Technical specifications:
Battery sizes AAA, AA, Device
Type of Nickel Hydride Batteries (Ni-MH)

Battery configuration:
AAA 1-8 pcs.
AA 1-8 pcs.

AAA 200 mA +/- 10%
AA 450 mA +/- 10%

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