eXtreme WALL Charger with USB Type-C 3.1A NTC31C Cable

EAN: 5901445617509
Producer code: NTC31C

branded eXtreme charger
high quality charger with USB Type-C connector with increased current efficiency - 3100mA
power supply: 180-240V AC

in stock
price 3,77 €
Brand: eXtremestyle

Ac charger with USB Type-C cable
NTC31C eXtreme 3.1A

USB charger with 3100 mA USB Type-C cable. It allows you to charge power-hungry smartphones, navigation, tablets, mp3/mp4 players, PDAs and other devices charged from the USB-C / Type-C socket.

Technical data:

  • power supply: 180-240V AC
  • DCP /speed charge compliant: yes
  • Output voltage: DC5.0V +-(5%)
  • maximum output current: 3100mA
  • Cable Length: Approx. 140cm

Smart IC technology adjusts the charging parameters to the needs of the connected device and protects against overchasting or damage to the connected device by a sudden voltage surge.

Produkt posiada oznaczenie CE.

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