LED headlamp everActive HL-160 Viper

EAN: 5903205772831
Producer code: HL-160

Two independent light sources, modern LEDs,
lighting power up to 160 lumens,
red light not dazzling in the dark,
made of durable plastic,
5 operating modes,
proximity sensor enables non-contact operation of the flashlight,
solid reinforced strap,
Power supply: 3x AAA (not included).

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price 4,42 €
Brand: everActive

HL-160 Viper is a small and powerful headlamp from the everActive brand. A maximum light strength of 160 lumens ensures excellent ambient illumination even in complete darkness.
The unquestionable advantages of our flashlights are, m.in - high quality of workmanship, versatility and the use of the most modern solutions available on the market.

The everActive HL-160 Viper flashlight is extremely comfortable to use - lightweight, made of durable plastic characterized by increased durability. Due to its compact size, the HL-160 Viper will fit without major problems in a purse, travel backpack or suitcase.

Our flashlight has been equipped with two independent light sources:

  • main strong light of white color,
  • Alternative multifunctional red light!

Thanks to the high-quality components, our flashlight seems complete, it will work both when DIY with the car, walking in the forest or running!

The housing of the device is splash-proof, IPX4 rating.

The flashlight is powered by three batteries in size R03 / AAA, both alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries can be used.

Motion sensor - for those who value comfort

Are your hands busy? Do you work in a workshop and do not want to dirty the flashlight? The HL-160 is equipped with an extremely useful proximity sensor, thanks to which only gestures are enough to operate the flashlight.

Move your hand in front of the flashlight to force a change in its operating mode or turn it off completely!

One flashlight - many applications

Red light - It does not dazzle, does not scare animals, thanks to it our eyes adapt faster to lighting conditions. In strobe mode, it can also be used as a warning/alarm light.

Reading maps, fishing, working in the forest - This is just a part of the wide range of uses of red light in flashlights.

Refined details

The characteristic features of the HL-160 is attention to detail, high-quality components will allow you to enjoy the device for many years.

High work culture, economy

It might seem that with such a strong light, the flashlight will quickly stop shining. Nothing could be further from the truth, EverActive flashlights combine high quality, high power and long working time.

The flashlight provides ~5 hours of lighting in the highest mode of operation. Considering its size and high power, this is a phenomenal result!

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