Varta ENERGY 6LR61/9V Value Pack (blister)

EAN: 4008496626656

Durable branded alkaline batteries!!
Expiration date: 2022

price 0,95 €
Brand: Varta

1x Varta ENERGY 6LR61/9V (R9*) Value Pack

*R9 is the correct designation for another type of battery: V625U, however consumers commonly use the R9 designation for 6LR61 9V batteries.

The German company VARTA is one of the leading battery manufacturers in the world. It is part of the global Spectrum Brands concern. The manufacturer's offer includes high-quality alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers as well as specialized batteries - including for hearing aids.

The original product of one of the most respected battery manufacturers - VARTA.

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