Ni-MH rechargeable battery charger professional everActive NC-1000M

EAN: 5903205771759
Producer code: NC1000M
  • modern, mobile design,
  • processor with discharge and capacity measurement,
  • function of refreshing, maintenance, forming batteries,
  • Min. charging time of 4 batteries 2500mAh - 3h,
  • processor, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, 1-4x R6/AA, R03/AAA,
  • powered from a USB Type-C socket (no power adapter included)
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Brand: everActive
Microprocessor charger everActive NC1000M.
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The charger is used for charging and maintenance of 1-4pcs. R03 AAA / R6 AA batteries made in Ni-MH and Ni-Cd technology.
Perfect for new generation cells such as Eneloop or Ready2Use.

NC-1000Mis a heavily refreshed design, the younger brother of the NC-1000 Plus charger. This position is a perfect complement in the segment of professional loaders.

As in the previous model, numerous improvements have been introduced:
- even easier to use for less experienced users,
- improved charging of cells with increased internal resistance,
- improved battery charging "Ready to Use" (LSD),
- modified discharge mode that allows you to check and remember the capacity of any 1.2-1.6V cell - including alkaline and Ni-Zn cells.

Complete novelties in the new model are:
- power supply from USB type C - it can be powered by any smartphone charger (recommended min. 5V 2A),
- blue backlit LCD display,
- super compact design - its dimensions are only 110x99x38 [mm]

USB Type-C input (as in a typical smartphone), makes the charger power in countless ways. The charger, admittedly, does not have a power supply in the set, but it works without any problems with most power supplies, USB chargers and factory chargers included with smartphones.

Nothing stands in the way of connecting the charger to a power bank,USB output in a laptop, or a USB charger in a car - the only condition is the recommended current efficiency of the USB output at the level of 2A. In the case of using a weaker power supply, the charger will automatically dynamically adjust the charging current,allowing it to continue the charging process.

For those looking for a complementary, dedicated USB power supply for the NC-1000M charger, we especially recommend everActive models - SC-200, SC-300, SC-400 or higher, which work with this design without any problems.

Features and capabilities of the NC 1000M charger:
- very handy and compact - the charger is slicker than the BC-700 / BC-1000 / NC-1000 series of chargers!,
- despite the multitude of functions, the charger is very easy and intuitive to use,
- four, completely independent charging channels - the possibility of charging 1-4 pcs. different batteries, different manufacturers, different capacities, in different sizes,
- possibility of fully independent setting of the charging/discharging current for each channel,
- possible adjustment of charging current: 250-500-750-1000 mA for 1-4pcs. R03 AAA / R6 AA batteries,
- possible regulation of discharge current: 250-500 mA,
- universal 5V DC/2A USB-C input (no power supply included, only 50cm cable included),
- multifunctional, backlit LCD display,showing the current state of charge (voltage), charging time, charging current, counted mAh capacity for the selected cell,
- four programs of the charger's work:CYCLE - refresh / molding with capacitance measurement, CHARGE - charging, DISCHARGE - discharging with measurement of the remaining capacity, TEST - capacity testing,

Kit contents:

  • NC1000M charger packed in the original carton,
  • USB Type-C cable with a length of 50cm,
  • full, accurate user manual PL/EN/DE.

The standard set does not include a USB power adapter and rechargeable batteries.

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