Droplet glue (2ml)

EAN: 77321060
Instant glue 2ml.
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price 0,68 €
Brand: Pozostali


DROPLET is an instant adhesive, easy to use, used for small repairs at home. Glues in seconds virtually any kind of materials.

It is used for repairs at home, for hobby work, and handicrafts, and in general for all kinds of practical activities.

The DROPLET has a unique packaging with the following characteristics:

  • Easy to dissuasive droplet by droplet.
  • The tube itself stands upright.
  • It does not splash.
  • It does not leak.
  • DROPLET glues all kinds of materials:

  • ceramics.
  • plastic.
  • wood.
  • metal.
  • rubber.
  • porcelain.
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