DVD + R Discs 4, 7GB 16X MAXELL SP50

EAN: 4902580504977
Producer code: 275736
High quality DVD + R discs
Write speed-up to 16x.
in stock
price 7,13 €
Brand: Maxell
50 set of MAXELL DVD + R discs in the Szpindel package.

Original product from Maxell.
Maxell is part of Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. Company was founded in 1960r. In Japan. The aim of the company is to provide innovative technological solutions, also for other market moats.
The Products of this company are characterized by high quality and surprisingly low price.

-Capacity: 4, 7GB;
-Pack-Szpindel-50 PCs.;
-Type: DVD + R;
-Write speeds: 4, 8, 12,16X;
-The plates are formed in reputable factories;
- B. High quality discs guarantee trouble-free recording.

The "+" boards are especially recommended for computer DVD writers and DVD players that support the DVD + R standard.
Discs allow you to change the book type to DVD-ROM, which results in increased compatibility with all players, consoles, etc.

The Maxell plates are:
-High quality reflective layer-this ensures undisturbed process of recording and playing discs;
-Plates covered with protective layer, protecting by scratches-protect important data from damage;
-the plates are B. Well protected from adverse storage conditions-UV filter, antistatic, etc.;
-The equal and accurate execution of the plate guarantees high resistance to oxidation/corrosion-the data stored on the discs will not "fade" after a few months.
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