4 x Duracell Recharge R03 AAA 750 mAh Rechargeable battery (blister)

EAN: 5000394045019
The product is available only to wholesale customers.
Brand: Duracell
4 x Duracell Recharge R03/AAA Ni-MH 750mAh Rechargeable batteries
Markings: HR03/MICRO
Description: Rechargeable Nickel-Metal hyritic
Voltage [V]: 1.2
diameter [mm]: 10.5 in
Height [mm]: 44.5 in

Recharge your Duracell AAA batteries up to 400 times. They fit into regularly used devices such as wireless mice or electronic baby monitor, and will withstand up to 3 years when they are not in use. These powerful rechargeable batteries work with all NiMH battery chargers.
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