everActive Cobra HL-250 LED headlamp 2xLED SENSOR

EAN: 5903205770349
Producer code: HL250

The CREE XP-E2 3W led in conjunction with 3W LED COB LEDs deliver 200 lumen performance!
Universal provides an exceptionally wide light beam from the COB led source and a concentrated long-range beam FROM THE CREE led source
Additional proximity sensor enables contactless use of the flashlight
4 Lighting modes: 100% CREE, 100% COB, 100% CREE + 100% COB, strobe
Power supply: 3x AAA (not included)

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Brand: everActive

The COBRA HL-250 is an innovative front-end flashlight From The everactivebrand. The maximum light output of 200 lumen provides excellent working space illumination even in complete darkness.

The HL-250 is equipped with two independent LED light sources with the ability to work together to achieve maximum luminous flux.

The undisputed advantage of our flashlight is the use of the original CREE XP-E2 With 3w Power. The diode is placed in a reflector with a reflector which provides a concentrated beam of long-range light. The additional innovative 3W LED COB LEDs provide a very wide, evenly disperzed luminous fluxin the immediate vicinity of the user.
The Proximity Sensor enables touchless operationof the flashlight.

The everActive Cobra HL-250 is extremely comfortable to use -a small, very light, yet robust enclosure conceals MODERN two LED light SOURCES-CREE XP-E2 AND Cob 3w.
As a result, the product is characterized by a very versatile application, and the manufacturer has managed to achieve a very favorable ratio of the size of the flashlight to the surface and the strength of the luminous flux.

Proximity Sensor -After holding the switch for approx. 2s the proximity sensor is activated. In this mode it is possible to use the flashlight completely touchless. You Just have to move your hand directly in front of the flashlight to turn it on, change the lighting mode, or turn it off! Thick gloves, whether the occupied hands will not be an obstacle when using the everActive HL-250 flashlight.

The torch has 4 operating modes: 100% CREE, 100% COB, 100% cree + 100% cob, flashing. The ergonomic, centrally positioned switch increases the convenience of using the flashlight. In addition, the flashlight is equipped with a proximity sensor that allows contactless operation of the flashlight (switching on/changing the operating mode/shutdown).
The casing is resistant to accidental splashing. Maximum comfort of Use provides a flexible double adjustable forehead or helmet strap and the ability to tilt the flashlight in a horizontal plane.

The Cobra HL-250 is powered by three thin R03/AAA fingers. Both 1.5 V alkaline and Ni-MH 1.2 V rechargeable batteries can be used for torch power.

Product data
Product Code Cobra HL-250
Light source 1x Cree XP-E2 led, 3w Power
1x COB LED Converter, 3W power
Light output 200 Lumen
Tilt Adjustment Flashlight Yes-horizontal/Horizontal
Operating modes Button Control
100% CREE
100% COB
100% CREE + 100% COB
Sensor Control
100% CREE
100% COB
Power 3x AAA/R03
Batteries included Not
Light Range 150m
Flashlight Housing Plastic
Casing Color Yellow/Black
Waterproof So
Dimensions Head: 44 (W) x 50 (h) x 40 (d) [mm]
Cart: 80 (W) x 47 (H) x 20 (d) [mm]
Weight Without battery: 48g
With batteries: approx. 88g
Warranty 2 years old
Included everActive Cobra HL-250 Flashlight

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