Inverter charger with starting support 12V/24V everActive CBC-40

EAN: 5903205770400
Producer code: CBC40
Robust inverter charger for popular 12V and 24V batteries used in automotive and industrial applications.
Type-inverter, automatic with start-up Support 300A.
Ideal for lead acid, gel, AGM, used in cars and forklifts.
Charging current (Effective): 5-40A adjustable.
Charging current (maximum): 60 A.
Starting current (maximum): 300 A.
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Brand: everActive
Charger ' rectifier ' for 12V/24V Gel batteries/AGM/lead acid
Everactive CBC-40

Made in advanced inverter technology, combines the best features of traditional transformer rectifiers and impulse chargers.

The CBC-40 is the highest model In The everactive Car Chargers series enclosed in a sturdy metal housing. It is an automatic charger for all types of acid batteries (automotive, etc.) 12V and 24V, gel/AGM with capacities of 25-1000 Ah. It is an extremely powerful rectifier with a boot in a very robust and compact release!

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Basic Specifications:
Charging Current (Effective value): 5-40A (infinitely adjustable) For both 12V and 24v batteries.
Charging current (maximum value): 60A.
Current for starting aid (maximum value): 300a-For both 12V and 24v batteries.
Maximum charging voltage: 14.8 V/29v (+ 0.4 V)-The charger ensures full charge of the battery, guarantees the achievement of normal levels of electrolyte density, while reducing the risk of overcharging the battery.
Supported battery Capacities: from 25 ah to 1000 ah.

EverActive Inverter Loader combines the best features of transformer rectifiers and Impulse Chargers Eliminating their biggest defects.

Perfect for regeneration of old and worn batteries
High charging currents in a compact housing
High reliability and resistance to temporary overloads
Provides a high level of charge
Possibility of charging extremely discharged batteries
Stabilization of output voltage
Low risk of recharging the battery
does not exceed the safe battery voltage
Suitable for multiple battery types SLA/VRLA/GEL/AGM...
Highly efficient and energy efficient
Stabilization of output voltage
Very low risk of recharging the battery
does not exceed the safe battery voltage
Suitable for multiple battery types SLA/VRLA/GEL/AGM...
Well protected against short circuits, faulty connection, etc.
Highly efficient and energy efficient
Not resistant to Captur
Battery may not be charged. Resistance
Problems charging extremely discharged batteries
The risk of uneven charging of individual cells in the battery
High reliability and resistance to temporary overloads
Provides a high level of charge
Possibility of charging extremely discharged batteries
Low efficiency, high current consumption
Heavy and Little Handy
Limited number of batteries supported
No output voltage stabilisation
Possibility of recharging the battery
Easily overheats
Low short-circuit proof

Advanced Inverter Technology is many times smaller in size and weight, and much more charging efficiency compared to conventional transformer loaders.
Our charger enables smooth, infinitely variable adjustment of the effective charging current in the range of 5-40A, regardless of whether we Connect the 12V or 24v battery.
The maximum value of the charging current Is 60a. In addition, our product is equipped with a start-up option, it has a maximum current of 300A (!) in this mode.

The industrial nature of the Charger everActive CBC-40 makes it a great complement to the equipment of any workshop -the product is especially recommended to professionals- with the help of this charger it is possible to launch almost any Vehicle in a few minutes, regardless of battery condition and external conditions. High maximal nominal current allows for efficient charging of even electric forklifts, electric vehicles, melexes, etc. Supplied with 12V/24V batteries.

Characteristics of the Charger CBC-40:
- Metal solid housing with comfortable handle,
- effective charging and regeneration of extremely discharged batteries,
- electronically stabilized output voltage reduces the risk of recharging the battery,
- battery Charging the most secure method: CC (constant current) and after reaching the target VOLTAGE by CV method (constant voltage with automatic reduction of the charging current Up To 0a),
- fully charged batteries with electrolyte density leveling in the entire battery, automatic desulphurization mode,
- smooth, infinitely variable (limit) charging current in the Range from 5A To 40a,
- maintaining a high output voltage, even after the charging is complete, helps to achieve the correct electrolyte density in each battery compartment (leveling charge),
-the same options for adjusting the output current for both 12V and 24V batteries,
- The device has a massive, fully insulated crocodile connection , with a length of 180 cm,
- after the power is interrupted and THE AC Mains is restarted, the charger will automatically start charging In 12v mode, with the charging current already
- Charger equipped with digital ammeter, showing the approximate current value of the charging current-allows you to quickly assess the status and battery charge level.

Input voltageother
Technical data
220-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz, 7A
Supported Batteries 12V/24V DC Manual Selection
Gel, lead acid, AGM, VRLA, VLA, SLA, WET, GEL, Lead-Acid, EFB, Ca/Ca, Pb etc.
Supported battery Capacities: 25-1000Ah for 12V/24V
Maximum charging voltage 14.8 V (+ 0.4 V) for 12V rechargeable batteries,
29V (+ 0.4 V) for 24V rechargeable batteries
Charging current (Effective) Infinitely adjustable 5.. 40 [A] for 12V/24V
Charging current (maximum) 60 A for 12V/24V
Current for start-up aid Up to 300 A for 12V/24V
Operating temperature -20.. 40st. C (Power limit at higher temp.)
Dimensions 160 x 105 x 245 in [mm]
Weight 3.5 kg
Built-in fan, AC power cord length approx. 1.8 m, the total length of the connections with Crocodilikami is approx. 1.8 m
Included Automatic charger everActive CBC-40 together with connections,
Power Cord,
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