Professional charger everActive NC-109

EAN: 5902020523826
Producer code: NC109
Specialist charger for charging up to 4 PCs. Batteries
Ni-MH, 1-4x 9V
Supports all Ni-MH batteries with both 8.4 V and 7.2 V
12V DC Input voltage-AC adaptor included, car adaptor available optionally
4 Independent charging channels
Max. Charging time 4 pcs. 200 mAh-OK. 133 min.
2 years Warranty
in stock
price 10,00 €
Brand: everActive
EverActive NC-109 Micro-processor charger.

2 years warranty-Highest quality of workmanship.

The everActive NC 109 is a unique, specialized design that allows you to charge 1 to 4 pcs Of 9V Ni-MH rechargeable batteries - each cell is loaded individually.
It allows you to charge up to 4 9V rechargeable batteries at the same time, in any configuration/combination, of any capacity, any manufacturer.
The charger has 4 independent charging channels.

Key features of the NC109 charger:
- fast charging of large amounts of batteries at the same time- ideal for industrial and professional applications,
- Individual charger LED indicator for each cell-with full charge indication,
-100-240V AC power adapter included, optional 12V car adaptor available
-The Charger has short-circuit protection, incorrect insertion of batteries and overheating,
- microprocessor-controlled charging process with Detection-DV-Fully automatic-this guarantees full charge for each cell individually,
-Fast in safe charging-allows the batteries to be fully charged in approx. 2-4h, regardless of quantity,
- allows you to save and fully charge the batteries with high internal resistance and even those with a pole voltage Of Close to 0v,
-The charger supports all Available 9v Ni-MH rechargeable batteries available on the market-including the popular 8.4 V as well as the rare 7.2 v.

Kit Contents:
-Mains adapter,
-Instruction in Polish, English and German.

Technical data
Supported Batteries 1-4pcs "9V" Ni-MH
of any capacity
Charging 4x 100mA Max
Security Microprocessor with control-dV,
Overheat protection,
Overload/short-circuit protection,
Detection of damaged and alkaline cells
Operating modes Charge (charging)
Operating indicator 4 colour LEDs, with individual full charge indication
Power 100-240V AC 50-60H/12V DC 0.5 A
Dimensions 80 x 90 x 22 mm
Warranty 2 years old
Indicative, maximum charging times 9V 150 mAh ~ 100 min.
9V 200 mAh ~ 133 min.
9V 300 mAh ~ 200 min.
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