everActive 18650 3.7V Li-ion 2600mAh micro USB battery with BOX protection

EAN: 5903205773906
Producer code: EV18650-26M
  • capacious 18650 battery made in Li-ion technology with electronic protection,
  • battery packed in a factory reusable container,
  • minimum capacity 2550 mAh,
  • high current capacity: 7.0A (continuous), 12.0A (instantaneous 10s),
  • possibility of direct charging via micro USB socket!
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Brand: everActive

Innovative 18650 2600 mAh everActive battery made in Li-ion technology.

Integrated micro USB socket for direct charging.

The Silver+Lithium series - perfect for any application.
Pre-charged - pre-charged at max 30%.

The offered battery is equipped with PCM electronic protection, protecting the battery against extreme discharge, overcharging and short circuit. It is ideal for use in flashlights and other devices with a replaceable 18650 battery.


  • type: 18650, Li-ion 3.7V,
  • quantity: 1pcs,
  • dimensions: 18.4 x 70.2 mm,
  • gross weight of the set: 92g,
  • battery weight: 48g,
  • nominal voltage (average): 3.7V,
  • operating voltage (min./max.): 2.5-4.25V,
  • input (for charging): micro USB 5V DC, 500mA,
  • manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards - a serious manufacturer - a guarantee of quality,
  • b. high capacity - max 2600 mAh, minimum 2550 mAh - according to IEC 61960-3 (7.3.1),
  • possible high current discharges, even 7.0A in continuous mode,
  • Packaging - box, reusable container.
Akumulator everActive 6F22/9V Professional Line

The actual capacity of everActive batteries is in accordance with the declarations on the battery/blister - in accordance with the international standard IEC 61960-3 (7.3.1).

Due to their high current efficiency, they will be able to power any, even the most demanding flashlight, as well as hundreds of other devices.

The 18650 everActive battery has an integrated electronic protection. Thanks to  it, we can be sure that there will be no situation in which the battery is overcharged/overloaded or  over-discharged. Like other protected batteries in size 18650, it is about 5mm higher compared to unprotected batteries - height 70.2mm - which is really a very good result. Most other protected batteries in this size can reach lengths of more than 72mm, which makes their compatibility much lower. 

By purchasing everActive rechargeable batteries, you contribute to the protection of the environment and reduce the amount of potential waste.
One battery can replace several hundred traditional batteries.

The offered everActive 18650 battery made in Li-ion technology can be charged with any micro USB charger - the battery has a built-in  controller, which ensures a safe charging process and additionally electronically protects the battery during operation.

everActive batteries are also a guarantee of high battery life - it allows for an even greater number of charge/discharge cycles while maintaining high performance parameters.

The battery is charged via an integrated micro USB socket using any USB charger with parameters of 5V DC and a current capacity of min. 500 mA. The maximum charging time using the micro USB socket is approx. 5 hours.

The set includes a micro USB cable, but does not include a USB power adapter.

The everActive 18650 battery can also be charged using most chargers dedicated to Li-ion batteries.

Due to their attractive price and high capacity, they are especially recommended for industrial applications. Recommended as a reliable source of power supply in all tender procedures and public procurement.
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