everActive basic line EL-30 battery-powered LED handheld flashlight

EAN: 5903205773647
Producer code: EL-30

Cost-effective LED,
light output 40 lumens,
made of durable plastic,
long working time,
low weight, small dimensions,
power supply: 2x R6/AA 1.5V

in stock
price 2,00 €
Brand: everActive

everActive basic line is a series of practical and inexpensive flashlights that provides reliable illumination for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a flashlight for everyday use, the car or for camping - the everActive basic line will meet your expectations. Robust design, reliability and intuitive operation - the perfect solution for those who are looking for reliable lighting at an affordable price! The EL-30 is a handy, versatile handheld flashlight with a maximum light output of 40 lumens, providing decent illumination of the immediate environment.

everActive EL-30 is extremely comfortable to use - handy, made of durable plastic characterized by increased durability.

Our flashlight is equipped with an economical LED generating up to 40lm of light!

Thanks to the simple design and applied solutions, the device has a very low failure rate, we will be able to enjoy it for years without major problems.

The flashlight is powered by two R6/AA 1.5V batteries.

Versatility in every way

Due to its compact size , the EL-30 flashlight will fit into a handbag, travel backpack or suitcase without major problems.

High work culture, economy

The flashlight provides up to 20 hours of uninterrupted use. The product is packed in an elegant, eco-friendly cardboard box - a simple flashlight for conscious users.

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