Smart headlamp, headlamp Petzl Nao RL E105AA00

EAN: 3342540838215
Producer code: E105AA00

another version of the revolutionary flashlight with Reactive Lighting technology
Stronger light and a more capacious battery
Light strength: up to 1500 lumens, light range: up to 200 meters
automatically adjusts beam shape and light strength depending on conditions
A constant power mode is also available

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Brand: Petzl

The next installment of the iconic Petzl Nao flashlight: Nao RL E105AA00

The flashlight has been equipped with more powerful LEDs than its predecessor, as a result the maximum light output is 1500lm!

Rechargeable headlamp with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology
automatically adjusts light power and range

The NAO RL headlamp automatically adjusts the light strength, ensuring maximum comfort of use and extending the lighting time.

REACTIVE LIGHTING technology uses a sensor that measures the amount of returning light in real time and adjusts the shape, range and power of the light beam in a fraction of a second depending on the current needs:
•low intensity lighting for reading e.g. maps
•Short- and medium-range lighting for mobility
•long-range lighting

A constant power light mode and a red tail light are also available.

Short-range lighting

When you look at an object closely, e.g. read a map, make a knot or set up a tent, the beam is very wide and has little power to prevent glare. The lighting changes automatically depending on the distance from the object.

Lighting for movement

When you look ahead, for example while walking or running, the beam becomes wide and has an average power - enough to identify obstacles on the road.

Long-range lighting

When you raise your head to look at an object at a great distance, the amount of light increases significantly, and the beam changes shape to focused.

With Nao RL, the user has at his disposal comfortable, self-adaptive lighting and much more free hands than in the case of standard solutions. In addition to automatically adjusting lighting, Reactive Lighting mode extends the flashlight's lighting time thanks to optimized battery consumption.

Available operating modes:
•REACTIVE LIGHTING mode level 1 - low power
•REACTIVE LIGHTING mode level 2 - standard power
•REACTIVE LIGHTING level 1 mode - maximum power
•CONSTANT LIGHTING level 2 - low power mode
• CONSTANT LIGHTING level 1 - high power mode
• constant mode CONSTANT LIGHTING level 2 - maximum power

Red LED:
•Fixed mode
•pulse mode

The Petzl Nao RL flashlight uses a high-performance lithium-ion battery, which performs perfectly even at low temperatures - the manufacturer declares that the flashlight can be used even at -30 ° C. An additional advantage is the 5-stage LED battery charge indicator located on the housing. Battery charging has been simplified thanks to the USB plug - all you need is access to a computer or any charger equipped with a USB socket to charge the battery. The manufacturer provides a USB extension cable for more convenient charging of the flashlight.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the flashlight, despite its size, is very light - 145g with a battery. Instead of an elastic headband, Petzl used a new type of headband: Zephyr. The new band does not compress the head and is much easier to adjust than the classic solution. The flashlight switch is easy to find in the dark and very convenient to use. Switching between adaptive and fixed mode is intuitive. The switch can also be locked during transport.

Technical parameters:
•power supply: Li-ion battery 3.7V 3200mAh (included)
•Protection class: IP X4 (waterproof)
•weight: 145g (with battery)
•CE compliant
•Flashlight warranty: 5 years
•Battery warranty: 2 years or 300 charge cycles.

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