Rechargeable 2in1 LED everActive BL-150R DualBeam Bicycle Light

EAN: 5903205772916
Producer code: BL-150R

Bicycle lamp 2in1 (white/red light),
lighting power up to 150 lumens,
light visible in the worst conditions,
made of durable plastic,
6 operating modes,
possibility of horizontal and vertical installation,
power supply: Li-poly battery 3.7V 500mAh,
charging via microUSB port.

in stock
price 4,72 €
Brand: everActive

BL-150R is a small and at the same time very powerful bicycle lamp (2in1) from the everActive brand. A maximum light strength of 150 lumens ensures excellent ambient illumination even in complete darkness.
The unquestionable advantages of our flashlights are, - high quality of workmanship, versatility and the use of the most modern solutions available on the market.

The everActive BL-150R lamp is extremely easy to use, the switch has been placed at  the top of the lamp, so we can easily start it without leaving the bike! The device is made of durable plastic characterized by increased strength.

The BL-150R has a unique function, it can work as both front and rear lighting! We change the color of the light by holding the switch for a long time, it is an extremely convenient and  intuitive solution. The power of light is ensured  by a powerful two-color COB diode, providing up to 150 lumens in the highest operating mode!

Thanks to the high-class components, our flashlight seems complete, it will work both during a short family ride and a long-distance rally!

The lamp has been equipped with a high-quality reinforced rubber handle that gives the possibility of mounting the device according to your needs (vertically / horizontally).

The BL-150R is powered by a built-in 500mAh Li-poly battery. The battery is charged using the microUSB port, the charging time is about 2 hours.

Versatility in every way

Extremely wide beam angle - the lamp has been equipped with side lights for visibility even from the side. Users can be sure that they will be properly visible to outsiders.

Refined details

The characteristic features of the BL-150R is attention to detail, high-quality components will allow you to enjoy the lamp for many years. The device has been equipped with a LED signaling the charging process - after charging, the LED located on the side of the lamp will turn green.

High work culture, economy

It might seem that with such a strong light, the lamp will quickly stop shining. Nothing could be further from the truth, the everActive flashlight combines high quality, high power and long working time.

The lamp provides ~4 hours of lighting in the highest operating mode. Considering its size, this is a phenomenal result!


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