Armytek Crystal Red/Red EDC Flashlight

EAN: 6957713003559

Light output 150 lumens,
Built-in Li-Pol 600 battery,
Warranty 5 years,
Waterproof micro USB connector,
Color marking of the charging process,
Protection class IP67.

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price 13,95 €
Brand: Pozostali

Armytek is a Canadian company, one of the most famous manufacturers of flashlights in the world. 
The company does not use cheap Chinese components, betting on Japanese and American products.
Armytek products are characterized by high quality workmanship, state-of-the-art technologies and reliability.
The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty, which may indicate the certainty of the brand.

Crystal is a multifunctional model with a bright red light of 30 lumens and a white light of 150 lumens, which easily fits in your pocket. Thanks to its fully luminous housing and wide 140° side lighting, the flashlight is irreplaceable in everyday use in close proximity: when running, cycling, but also for minor repairs or work in the garage.


The Crystal's red light is suitable for working in the dark and for maintaining night vision when turning the lamp on and off: in a camping tent, while observing the starry sky, for fishing and cycling. Crystal also has the added advantage of outdoors — it allows you to illuminate the space without attracting intrusive insects.

The flashlight works up to 50 days in the minimum brightness mode. No need to additionally buy and constantly replace the battery: the integrated Li-Pol battery can be charged using any Micro USB cable. The multifunctional flashlight takes up a minimum of space in your backpack or bag, freeing up space for other things. The model securely attaches to the head with an elastic band and allows you to perform any activity with good lighting. The flashlight can be attached to any piece of clothing, belt or backpack harness to ensure safe hiking at night. The crystal can be securely attached to the bike with the included silicone rings, and the case design with a keychain hole allows you to use the multi-flashlight as a stylish accessory.

Features of a multi-flashlight with an additional red light
-Red and white light: 5 brightness modes for each color, simple one-button operation and double click to switch between white and red light.
-The red light is invisible to animals, fish and insects, convenient for night vision.

-Unique, fully glowing body and several housing colors to choose from.
-Built-in 600mAh Li-Pol rechargeable battery charged via any Micro USB cable.
-Colour marking of the charging process.
-IP67 standard: reliable dust protection, immersion to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Withstands falls from a height of up to 10 meters.
-Reliable and waterproof Micro USB connector even without rubber plug.

Full warranty 5 years.

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