Flashlight Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Max USB White

EAN: 6957713003009

Light output 4000 lumens,
21700 Li-Ion 5000 mAh battery (included),
Warranty 10 years,
Waterproof magnetic port,
Protection against overheating above +58 °С,
Protection class IP68.

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price 61,64 €
Brand: Pozostali

Armytek is a Canadian company, one of the most famous manufacturers of flashlights in the world. 
The company does not use cheap Chinese components, betting on Japanese and American products.
Armytek products are characterized by high quality workmanship, state-of-the-art technologies and reliability.
The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty, which may indicate the certainty of the brand.

Flagship multifunction flashlight – brighter than ever

Wizard C2 Pro Max is the latest model from the multifunctional Line of Armytek Wizard. Not just bright, stunning 4000 lumens of luminous flux.

The wide floodlight is ideal for both close-up work and on large surfaces. Suitable for service and industrial work, outdoor activities, sports.


Important advantages of the Wizard C2 Pro Max are the wide beam angles of 110°: 150° and an even smoother transition between central and side lighting. Combined with extended runtime, thanks to the high-capacity 21700 Li-Ion battery, these functions ensure maximum comfort of use. Fast USB inductive charging allows you to charge the flashlight in just 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Thanks to the included adapter, the flashlight also works on a regular 18650 power supply. The front clip, clip, ABM-01 bike carrier and magnet in the back cover provide several mounting options. Original helmet mounts are provided for the Wizard C2 Pro Max.

For the smooth operation of the flashlight, we recommend using the company's 21700 Li-Ion batteries. In addition, 18650 Li-Ion batteries with a length of not more than 70 mm with a diameter of up to 18.7 mm and a permissible discharge current of at least 15A can be used together with the adapter.

Advantages of the new generation Wizard C2 Pro Max

New optical system and TIR lens: allows more lumens to pass through, provides a comfortable wide beam with 150° side illumination.

Maximum LED Performance: The next-generation wide LED provides better light output and an impressive brightness of 4000 lumens.

New head design: better heat dissipation and brighter light with more lumens.

Enlarged side button: pressing is more gentle and convenient.

Upgraded electronics and firmware: Extended uptime and brightness.

Simple default control: easy to use out of the box (6 modes), switchable to professional advanced control with 10 modes.

Improved springs: the use of new springs to better protect the battery and controller and increase operational efficiency.

Stylish design: matte anodizing, elegant design, branding in a new corporate style.

Fast magnetic charger: the connected 21700 Li-Ion 5000 mAh battery charges in the shortest possible time (5 h 20 min).




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