400 x Varta CR2025 lithium battery (tray)

Producer code: CR2032

Lithium button battery / coin cell / lozenge
voltage [V]: 3.0
diameter [mm]: 20.0
height [mm]: 2.5
long shelf life

in stock
price 67,63 €
Brand: Varta

Phone dedicated for wholesale orders:

Lithium battery Varta CR2025 3V - tray (400 pcs.)

Lithium battery from the renowned varta company.
Batteries from current production - long shelf life.

The offer applies to 400 pieces of Varta CR2025 batteries packed in 20 plastic trays of 20 pieces each. Factory packaging ensures safe transport of goods to the customer. On each battery there is a VARTA logo.

In case of greater demand, in a large collective carton there are 2 packages, i.e. 800 pieces.

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