Vinnic 625 / EPX625G / LR9 / L1560 Alkaline Battery - 5pcs

EAN: 4898338008388
Producer code: L1560F

voltage [V]: 1.5
diameter [mm]: 15.4
height [mm]: 6.15
capacity [mAh]: 140
batteries with a long expiration date

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price 0,93 €
Brand: Vinnic

Vinnic 625 / EPX625G /  LR9 / L1560 Alkaline Battery - 5pcs

Extra energy for all types of devices!

Vinnic's specialized batteries can be used in calculators, remote control systems, security systems and high-tech devices that require small size, portable energy sources that cannot be obtained through the use of standard batteries.

  • voltage [V]: 1.5
  • packaging: blister 5 pcs
  • diameter [mm]: 15.4
  • height [mm]: 6.15
  • capacity [mAh]: 140
  • other designations: 625U V625 V625U EPX625G 625A A625 L1560 1G PX625 PX13 EPX625 V625PX PX625A A625PX MR09 MR9
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