Handheld flashlight (LED) Xtar T2 650 lumens

EAN: 6952918344216
Producer code: T2

Small and handy flashlight with magnet and clip
dimensions 14.8mm x 75mm
weight 29,5g
light force - 650 lumens
light range - 65 meters
built-in rechargeable battery
CHARGING FROM USB-C port (cable included)

in stock
price 24,57 €
Brand: Xtar


Small pocket flashlight XTAR T2


Key features:

  • compact dimensions 14.8mm x 75mm
  • weight 29,5g
  • light force - 650 lumens
  • built-in rechargeable battery
  • charged from USB-C
  • magnetic tip
  • Clip

Xtar is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality chargers for Li-ion batteries and flashlights. Xtar products are sold in more than 120 countries, including min. in the USA, Germany, Japan and Russia. For the production of chargers, Xtar uses the highest quality materials - ranging from the plastic of the case to efficient electronics. All Xtar chargers have the CE certification required in European markets.

Xtar T2 is, to put it simply, a small powerman. Its small dimensions will confuse many. In the housing with dimensions of 14.8mm x 75mm we have a miniature monster that generates as much as 650 lumens. Not only is it a very compact design, but in addition its weight is very low - below 30g! Xtar, despite the fact that it is a miniature flashlight, did not skim on the quality of workmanship and materials. The flashlight definitely fits into the premium class.

The flashlight is made of high quality alcumine AL6063 resistant to falls 1.5m, with an interesting color anodized coating.
In addition to its compact dimensions, the T2 has many other interesting amenities. Here it is definitely worth mentioning the built-in battery, which can be easily charged using the USB-C socket in the flashlight, as well as the battery charging indicator, which is located in the flashlight switch. Since we have already reached the switch, here Xtar has also prepared a surprise - just press the button 5 times quickly and we already have a locked flashlight. Thanks to this function, we can be sure that we will not accidentally start it in our pocket.


The icing on the Cake is also the packaging itself - it is perfect for a gift!



T2 has 7 modes of operation (there is a memory of the last mode):

Normal brightness

strong - 650lumen - 26min
medium - 130lumen - 1,5h
low - 50lumen - 4,2h

"Moonlight" mode

strong - 6lumen - 22,4h
medium - 4lumeny - 30h
low - 2lumeny - 45h

Strobe - 650lumen

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