2 x H7 Philips Racing Vision GT car bulbs +200%

EAN: 8719018005779

new improved version +200% more light
color temperature: 3700K
ranged longer by more than: 80m

in stock
price 17,77 €
Brand: Philips

Philips H7 RacingVision GT200 Bulb +200%

If you're passionate about driving, let   philips RacingVision GT200car bulbs   take your driving experience to the next level. Up to   200%brighter light with a range of more than 80 meters means better visibility and faster response       time, increasing the excitement of driving.

Technological breakthrough

Research, development and production excellence enable breakthrough innovations. Modern technological elements lead to the creation of bright, durable and elegant new products.

Up to 200% brighter light*

The further you look, the faster you can react to any traffic incidents.  Philips RacingVision GT200 car bulbs   increase visibility with up to   200%more   brightness. You'll notice obstacles on the road faster than using other light bulbs, making your journey safer and more enjoyable

Excellent light efficiency

Optimized precision filament design, high pressure gas filling up   to 13 bar,precise chrome coating and high-quality UV-resistant quartz     glass– Philips RacingVision car bulbs represent a real revolution in car lighting, which means more control over your vehicle and a   more enjoyable journey.

Main lighting with road approval

Manufactured from high-quality products and tested to the most stringent standards, they are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety. Philips RacingVision lighting has been thoroughly tested, inspected and certified to   the highest ECE requirements.

For sports car drivers

Sports car drivers expect more from their vehicles. With up to   200% brightness   and proper approval, philips   RacingVision GTX200bulbs provide a pleasant ride on and off the   road.

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