LED Bulb 9W E27 Dimmable WiFi Spectrum SMART CCT + RGB

EAN: 5902650570788
Producer code: WOJ14412

Shank: E27
Power: 9W
Power: 230v
Light power: 930 lumens
Color: RGB + White 2700-6900K
Possibility of any dimming of white and color color
Warranty: 24 months

in stock
price 5,50 €
Brand: Spectrum LED

E27 WiFi Spectrum SMART CCT + RGB Bulb

Innovative CCT connection with RGB LEDs. Thanks to this, in one device you can freely control the white light (and its color from 2700-6900K !) If you need it, you can choose your favorite RGB color depending on your mood.

What distinguishes this product

  • WiFi control - TUYA compatible product
  • separate CCT and RGB LED
  • possibility of any dimming of white and color color

White 2700-6900K

You no longer have to wonder which color of light is best for your office, kitchen, bathroom or living room. You can change it at any time and choose the color according to your current needs.

Control lighting with the Tuya or Spectrum SMART mobile app

Light - warm, cold, colorful in one click

One bulb – many possibilities. Relaxing at home, set the lighting to your needs and mood.

Smoothly change the color of light, freely dim and lighten them, create scenes for different rooms (living room / bedroom / office).

... in the bedroom:

when you get up you are awakened by a pleasant and gentle light, which turns on itself at a certain time, and with its gentle brilliance gives you a good day...

... in the children's room:

When you relax while playing with your children, choose the best light for them using the programmed "FUN" scene.

... in the kitchen:

when preparing a meal for your family, use the spectrum of smart lighting capabilities by choosing the right setting depending on the weather, for example

Take advantage of the many possibilities of Tuya


You can create your own activity scenario and name under a shortcut that is enabled with a single click.


Depending on the weather conditions, you can trigger pre-programmed scenarios e.g. sunrise – extinguishes the light in the driveway, sunset – turns on the light in the driveway.


When your location changes, thanks to the GPS geolocation service on your phone, when you drive home in the evening, the light will automatically turn on in the driveway, garage, garden.


Set the hours and days on which individual events

i.e. scenarios/automations to be started.

Interaction between devices

One programming event can affect the operation of other devices e.g. one light switch on the first floor you can turn off the light on the ground floor, or the main light in the room extinguishes the decorative light.

... and many more

offered by the well-known and popular Tuya mobile app

Pairing with Tuya/Spectrum Smart

To put your device into pairing mode in the TUYA app, follow the instructions on your phone. Perform the On-Off-On-Off-On-On wall switch quickly 3x. After a while, the bulb will flash, which means that it is ready to evaporate.

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