Car adaptor, DC 12V cable for everActive Chargers NC-109, NC-1000, NC-1200, NC-1600, NC-3000, UC-4000

EAN: 5901436799474
Producer code: EVNC1000DC
Allows you to use multiple chargers and other RTV equipment in your car,
Universal DC Jack Plug 5.5/2.1 mm fits most chargers with 12V DC input voltage
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price 0,98 €
Brand: everActive
Car adaptor, DC 12V cable for Chargers
everActive: Nc-109, NC-1000, NC- 800, NC-1200, NC-1600, NC-3000, LC-2100, UC-4000.

High-quality, original adapter to Connect everActive CHARGERS NC-109, NC-800, NC-1000, NC-1200, NC-1600, NC-3000, LC-2100, UC-4000 to the Typical 12v car cigarette lighter socket. Allows you to use the Chargers in your car.

-Cable length/type: Straight 1.4 m,
-Voltage indicator: none,
-Fuse: 5A,
-DC Plug Size: Jack 5.5/2.1 mm,
-Packaging: Bulk/Bulk/OEM.

Universal Adapter Design allows universal application -fits most Chargers WITH 12v DC input voltage, including:
-Nitecore D2,
-Nitecore D4,
-Nitecore I2,
-Nitecore I4,
-Ansmann Power Line 4 Pro.
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