Professional charger everActive NC-3000

EAN: 5902020523598
Producer code: NC3000
The most advanced charger from everActive
Processor with discharge and measurement of capacitance and a unique test of internal resistanceof the cell,
function of refresh, maintenance, battery formation,
Min. Charging time 4 batteries 2500mAh-3h.
Processor, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, 1-4x R6/AA, R03/AAA, 1-2x R14/C, R20/D using optional adapter
12V DC Input voltage-AC adaptor included, optional car adaptor available
2 years Warranty
in stock
price 25,00 €
Brand: everActive
EverActive NC3000 Micro-processor charger.

The original, professional new generation loader-a novelty on the Polish market.
The most advanced charger model from everActive.
2 years warranty-Highest quality of workmanship.

The charger is used for charging and maintenance 1-4pcs. R03 AAA/R6 AA batteries made with Ni-MH and Ni-Cd technology and 1-2pcs R14 C/R20 D batteries using an additional adapter (available separately).
Perfect for the next generation of Eneloop cells or Ready2Use.

Innovation and the highest usability of the charger Everactive NC-3000 confirms the prestigious award - Gold Medal in the category Foto for the best product. The award was awarded by industry professionals on the occasion of the 19TH edition of the Film Video Foto exhibition in Łódź.

The Everactive NC-3000 is a unique design that offers new quality in the Professional loader segment.

The NC 3000 is a loader that is functionally impressive, outweighed by the possibilities of competing solutions:
-The input voltage Is 12V DC (IN the BC-3v series)-the most versatile-included AC adapter (standard EU plug), also available car adaptor,
- ability to charge/test/maintain R14/R20 batteries using an additional adapter (sold separately),
- Advanced loader design minimizes the effect of battery heating during Operation -in addition to 6 thermal sensors ensures the safety of the entire process,
-The charger can detect and charge the batteries extremely discharged-even those with a polar voltage of 0.01 V-is a rarity among the professional chargers,
- up to 5 operating modes, including a unique internal battery resistance test -in a few seconds you can predict if the installed batteries will be suitable for eg. For speedlights or other demanding devices, what more charger, unlike the MORE expensive MH-C9000, does not block the charging of batteries with high internal resistance -it means that it can recharge even heavily worn Batteries that other chargers consider to be defective!,
- Modified Discharge mode -allows you to check the capacity e.g. Alkaline batteries or check the amount of accumulated/lost energy (MAH) in the battery after any time.
Features and capabilities of the NC 3000 charger:
- slightly larger than the competition-B. Convenient to use-the charger allows you to quickly install and remove the cells from each of the slots, while ensuring B. Good air circulation/cooling,
- microprocessor controlled with B. Precision Dv (0DV)-ensures full charging of the batteries being installed,
-Despite the multitude of functions, the charger is very easy and intuitive to use,
-Four, completely independent charging channels-possibility of charging 1-4pcs. Different batteries, different manufacturers, different capacities, in different sizes,
- fully independent setting of charging/discharge current for each channel,
- Adjustable charging current: 200-400-600-800-1000 MA for 1-4pcs. R03 AAA/R6 AA batteries, additionally 1200-1400 mA available for 1-2pcs charging. Rechargeable batteries
- discharge Current adjustment possible: 100-200-300-400-500 ma, Additional 600-700 ma available for discharge 1-2pcs. Rechargeable batteries
- Universal Input Voltage 12V DC/1a, included network adapter,
- multifunctional, large BACKLIT LCD display, showing the current state of charge (voltage), charging time, charging current, the counted capacity Of the mAh for each of the cells or resithe
Internal Link-The selected parameter is displayed simultaneously for all the cells loaded-you do not need to switch between them, as for example. At MH-C9000,
- Five loader work programs: Refresh-Refresh with capacity Measurement [mAh]]/MOLDING, charge-CHARGING, DISCHARGE-UNLOADING, test-capacity TESTING, QUICK test-measurement of internal resistance of the cell (Nice ohmy).

Kit Contents:
  • NC3000 charger packaged in original carton,
  • AC Adaptor 100-240V/12V DC-1000mA with cable OK. 1m
  • Instructions for use EN/EN/DE.
Technical data
Supported Batteries 1-4pcs. R03 AAA/R6 AA,
1-2pcs C R14/D R20 *
* Additional adapter required,
of any capacity
Charging Adjustable: 200-400-600-800-1000 mA,
1200-1400 mA for 1-2 PCs. Cells
Discharge current Adjustable: 100-200-300-400-500 mA,
600-700 mA for 1-2 PCs. Cells
Security Microprocessor with dV control,
Battery overheat Protection (4 sensors),
Charger Overheat Protection (2 sensors)
Overload/short-circuit protection,
Detection of damaged and alkaline cells
Operating modes Charge (charging),
Discharge (discharge),
Refresh (Refresh/liquify),
Test (capacity measurement in mAh),
Quick Test (internal resistance measurement in mOhm)
Lcd Multi-segment
Shows the operating parameters of each charging chamber: charging time,
Operating mode,
Charging/discharging current,
Counted mAh (capacity),
Internal voltage or resistance (in Nice OHS)
Buttons 4 function keys,
Power 12V DC/1000mA, supplied AC adaptor 100-240V
Dimensions 147 x 100 x 40 mm
Warranty 2 years old
ONT FACE = "Verdana" > B. Accurate performance of the loader, with high quality materials Approximate charging times (for highest charging currents) 1-2pcs R03 800mAh-40min.
3-4pcs. R03 800mAh-60min.
1-2pcs R03 1000mAh-50min.
3-4pcs. R03 1000mAh-70min.
1-2pcs R6 2000mAh-100min.
3-4pcs. R6 2000mAh-140min.
1-2pcs R6 2500mAh-120min.
3-4pcs. R6 2500mAh-180min.
1-2pcs R14 3000mAh-150min.
1-2pcs R20 5000mAh-250min.
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