LED bulb OSRAM GU10 6.9W LED VALUE EUE White Heat 2700k

EAN: 4058075198760

Power: 6.9W
Shank: GU10
Natural light color - white heat 2700k
Warranty: 24 months

in stock
price 1,51 €
Brand: Osram

Compared to standard light bulbs, LED bulbs use up to 80 percent less energy to produce the same amount of light, and have a longer shelf life and do not require such frequent replacement.

The bulbs are equipped with an inverter, so that the light does not flash, which makes the eyes do not get tired and the colors seen in the light are not distorted.

The color of 2700k light is the closest to traditional lighting. The warm color of the light gives the rooms a cozy and friendly atmosphere. It is an ideal choice for places of relaxation and relaxation.

LED heat color is a type of light that we recommend especially for lighting:
• living room
• bedroom
• hallway
• corridor

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