set of 30 mini everActive alkaline batteries 10 x G3 / LR41, 5 x G4 / LR626, 5 x G10 / LR1130, 10 x G13 / LR1154

EAN: 5903205771247
Producer code: AGMIX30BL

set of 30 alkaline batteries
10pcs: AG3 / G3 / LR41 / LR736
5pcs: AG4/G4/LR626/LR66
5pcs: AG10/G10/LR1130/LR54
10pcs: AG13 / G13 / LR1154 / LR44

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price 1,38 €
Brand: everActive

Set of 30 everActive alkaline batteries

10x G3 / LR41; 5x G4 / LR626; 5x G10 / LR1130; 10x G13 / LR1154 

Top quality, attractive price.

Button batteries have a very wide range of applications:
- toys, calculators, music boxes, lamps, flashlights, LED decorations, pocket scales, bathroom scales, watches, bicycle computers, remote controls, measuring devices (e.g. electronic calipers, meters), medical devices (e.g. glucose meters), laser pointers, heart rate monitors, CMOS memory backup in computers and other devices, and others.

Batteries from current production - straight from the respected manufacturer everActive with a very long expiration date.
everActive batteries are environmentally friendly - they comply with the European Directive 2013/56/EU - they do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, cadmium or lead. They ensure reliable and long-term operation of any device.

Proven reliability.


Model:LR736 LR41 AG3LR626 LR66 AG4LR1130 LR54 AG10LR1154 LR44 AG13
Compatible markings:392A 92A 192 L736 G3 G3A V3GA V36A GP192CX41 RW87 280-13 SB-B1 SR41L626 GA4 G4 177 377A SR626G10 189 G10A KA54 RW89 L1131 V10GA GP89A 389A 390A D189 SR54G13 A76 PX76A 76A L1154 KA76 UL76A V13GA BLR44 G13A 1166A SR44
Type:alkaline batteryalkaline batteryalkaline batteryalkaline battery
Capacity:Designed: 42mAh
typical: 40 mAh (22kΩ/0.9V)
Designed: 19mAh
Typical: 17 mAh (22kΩ/0.9V)
Designed: 70mAh
Typical: 65mAh (15kΩ/0.9V)
Designed: 160mAh
typical: 150 mAh (6.8kΩ/0.9V)
Diameter:7.75 mm6.70 mm11.45 mm11.45 mm
Height (thickness):3.50 mm2.50 mm3.05 mm5.30 mm
Quantity:10 pieces5 pieces5 pieces10 pieces


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