1x lithium battery mini everActive CR2025

EAN: 5903205770905
Producer code: CR20251BL

quantity: 1 piece in blister
voltage [V]: 3.0
diameter [mm]: 20.0
height [mm]: 2.5
reliable lithium batteries
brand everActive
batteries with a long expiry date

price 0,16 €
Brand: everActive

everActive CR2025 lithium battery - 1 piece in blister

The highest quality, attractive price.

Button batteries are very widely used:
- toys, calculators, positives, lights, flashlights, LED ornaments, pocket scales, bathroom scales, watches, bicycle counters, remote controls, measuring devices (e.g. electronic strokers, meters), medical devices (e.g. glucose meters), laser pointers, heart rate monitors, CMOS memory support in computers and other devices, etc.

Batteries from the current production - straight from the highly appreciated manufacturer everActive with a very long expiry date (up to 10 years from the date of manufacture).

Proven reliability.

Model CR2025
Voltage 3v
Capacity designed: 165 mAh
typical: 150 mAh (2kΩ/2V)
Diameter 20 mm
Height (thickness) 2.5 mm
Packaging blister 1pcs.
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