500 x alkaline battery everActive Pro Alkaline LR6 AA (carton / bulk)

EAN: 5903205771308

top-quality batteries at a surprising price
packaging - cardboard 500 pcs. (bulk)

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price 68,00 €
Brand: everActive
Alkaline batteries everActive LR6 AA Pro Alkaline - cardboard - 500 pcs. Battery.
The highest quality, attractive price.

The price offered applies to the entire package of 500 pcs. LR6 AA everActive battery.

Industrial packaging - BULK - 500 pcs. batteries packed in bulk in carton.


PRO Alkaline - the most advanced alkaline battery line everActive is a clearly improved performance in devices with increased power consumption.
The new upgraded batteries offer 60% longer performance compared to the first generation industrial alkaline in devices with very high energy demand.

Be positively surprised by the highest quality alkaline batteries everActive.

Batteries from the current production - straight from the highly appreciated manufacturer everActive with a very long expiry date (up to 10 years from the date of manufacture).

Proven reliability.
The most powerful Pro Alkaline series - guarantees the highest level of performance - now also in the most demanding devices.

Features of everActive battery:
- reinforced, sealed design - high pouring resistance, long shelf life while maintaining high performance,
- high efficiency in both low-speed devices (remote controls, clocks) and high (medical equipment, digital apparatus) power consumption,
- especially recommended for industrial and professional applications,
- high reliability and repeatability of parameters.

Industrial packaging.

Ideal for manufacturers, wholesalers, institutions.

1. Moisture protectr.
2. Foil protection against adverse external influences.
3. Conveniently openable/lockable carton.
4. Legible and large identification labels.

Model LR6 AA Micro
Voltage 1.5 V
Capacity 2900 mAh
for low loads
Dimensions Max. 50.5 x 14.5 mm
Weight 22 g /pc.
Packaging cardboard - 500 pcs.
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