4 x Varta Ready2use R03 AAA Ni-MH rechargeable Batteries 1000 mAh

EAN: 4008496594375
The highest series of batteries from Varty
The most spacious of the next generation AAA-size rechargeable batteries- minimum capacity up To 1000mah, measured even Over 1100 mah
Ready to use immediately
Unused do not lose capacity
Operating at temp. Even-10st.
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price 5,05 €
Brand: Varta
The new generation of Varta Ready2Use (model 5703) batteries, with a capacity of at least 1000mAh!
Price applies to the set-4pcs.

The highest line of batteries from Varty -for professionals- at a discounted price.

Offer of the official distributor of Varta products-guarantee of originality of the goods.

The Varta Ready2Use 1000 is now one of the most powerful new generation batteries on the markettoday. Compared to the counterparts of other manufacturers (Sanyo Eneloop, GP Recyko, Panasonic Evolta and others), they exhibit a higher capacity of up to nearly 30%, thus equalizing to standard high-capacity batteries.
The accumulators in our internal test showed capacity at 1100 mAh level!

Record high capacity also confirms the result obtained in the professional CHARGER BC-700 (TEST mode-capacity measured during discharge of 250mA to 0.9 V/cell).

The batteries are now available in a new graphic layout -as in the first picture-classified by the manufacturer as the highest series Rechargeable accu Ready2Use 1000 mAh -Ideal for all devices-both with very high and low power consumption.

They have an unprecedented lifespan-they can withstand up to 500 charge/discharge cycles, which makes them usable for many years without much loss of efficiency...

The ideal replacement for existing batteries or alkaline batteries.

Set-4pcs Innovative Varta Ready2Use AAA R03 1000mAh (05703) rechargeable batteries.

The highest quality new generation of cells, produced by the renowned manufacturer-company Varta. Ready2Use rechargeable batteries combine the advantages of standard Ni-MH cells and alkaline batteries.

Differences compared to standard Ni-MH rechargeable batteries:
- rechargeable batteries do not lose unused capacity-they retain more than 80% of the load after 12 months, even after 2 years of time they can still be used successfully.;
- work without problems in the cold, even at-10st temperature.;
-Rechargeable batteries are immediately ready for use;
-Ideal as a substitute for alkaline batteries, they are used in remote controls, alarm clocks, mice/wireless keyboards, etc.

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Type/voltage 5703/Ni-MH/1.2 V
Nominal capacity 1000 mAh Battery
Maximum capacity
1100 mAh (0.2 C/0.9 V) Internal DC Resistance 80 mOhm Internal Impendance AC 40 mOhm Recommended Max. Charging 1000 mA Recommended Max. Discharge current (continuous) 2000 mA Permissible temp. Stores -20.. 40st. C Service life according to IEC61951 standard More than 500cycles Weight Ok. 14g Apply versatile, for both low-and high-power devices Other on the label, the Varta Ready2Use minimum capacity is one of the strongest cells in the next generation,
Very high quality of the cells guaranteed by the manufacturer-company Varta,
No memory effect

A few words about VARTA
The German company VARTA is one of the world's leading battery manufacturers. It is part of the global Spectrum Brands group.
The manufacturer's offer includes high-quality alkaline batteries,As well as specialty batteries-including hearing aids.

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