40 x everActive Industrial LR03/AAA Alkaline batteries (packaged in 2-piece shrink sealants)

EAN: 5902020523109
Producer code: EVLR03S2IK

Reliable alkaline batteries from everActive dedicated for industrial and commercial applications.

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price 4,10 €
Brand: everActive
EverActive LR03 AAA Industrial Alkaline Alkaline batteries-40pcs cardboard (20 cards with 2 pcs.).
Highest quality, attractive price.

Price applies to a set of 40 PCs. Battery LR03 AAA everActive packaged in a sealers (shrink) of 2pcs.

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Industrial Alkaline-the second, improved generation of reliable alkaline batteries From everActive dedicated to (not only) industrial applications.

Give yourself a positive surprise with the highest quality everActive alkaline batteries.

Batteries from the current production-straight from the valued manufacturer everActive with a very long expiry date (up to 5 years from the date of manufacture).

The economical Industrial Alkaline series is a high, proven reliability at a very competitive price.

Features Of everActive battery:
- reinforced, sealed design -high resistance to watering, long shelf life while maintaining high utility qualities,
- Universal Application -dedicated (not only) for industry,
- especially recommended for industrial and commercial applications-ideal as batteries for "first assembly".

Model LR03 AAA Micro
Voltage 1.5 V
Capacity 1100 mAh Battery
For low loads
Dimensions Max. 44.5 x 10.5 mm
Weight 11 g each
Packaging Carton-40 PCs.
Foil sealants of 2 PCs.

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