1 x everActive Pro 6LR61/6LF22 9V alkaline battery (blister)

EAN: 5902020523659
Producer code: EV6LR61-PRO

Reliable alkaline batteries from everActive.
PRO ALKALINE is the highest line of alkaline batteries for professional applications.
Capacity approx. 550 mAh Battery.

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Brand: everActive
Alkaline batteries everActive 6LR61 9V (R *) Pro Alkaline-Blister 1pcs.
* R9 is the correct designation of another type of battery: V625U, but consumers commonly use the R9 designation for a 6LR61 9V type battery.
Highest quality, attractive price.

Price applies to 1 pc. Battery 6LR61 9V everActive.


PRO Alkaline-the most advanced line Of everActive Alkaline batteries is clearly improved performance in devices with increased power consumption.
The new improved batteries offer 60% longer performance compared to the first generation of Industrial Alkaline in very high energy demand.

Give yourself a positive surprise with the highest quality everActive alkaline batteries.

EverActive batteries have been available on the market for several years, and are regularly tested.

Over the past months, there have been 3 interesting, independent performance tests involving m.in. everActive Alkaline batteries.

The tests are based on the capacity measurement of the discharge in the alkaline battery. Measurements were carried out using different discharge currents to simulate various possible applications.

Tests performed over many months, while consistent results independently of the test, confirm the excellent quality and repeatability of the Pro Alkaline battery parameters from everActive.

3 independent tests of everActive alkaline batteries found on the network

Batteries from the current production-straight from the valued manufacturer everActive with a very long expiry date (up to 6 years from the date of manufacture).

Proven reliability.
The strongest Pro Alkaline series -guarantees the highest level of performance-now also in the most demanding devices.

Features Of everActive battery:
- reinforced, sealed design -high resistance to watering, long shelf life while maintaining high utility qualities,
- high efficiency in both low-voltage devices (remotes, clocks, measuring equipment) and high (medical equipment, microphones, metal detectors) current consumption,
- especially recommended for industrial applications,
- High Reliability and repeatability of parameters.

Model 6LR61 6LF22 E-Block 9V
Voltage 9 V
Capacity 650 mAh
for high resistance loads
Dimensions max. 16.5 x 26.4 x 48.5 mm
Weight 46 g /pc.
Package consumer type - blister card 1 pc.
Data Sheet - click for download.



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