1 x Silver Battery (Watch) Renata 364 / SR621SW / SR60

EAN: 785618308839

Quantity: 1 piece in blister
height: 2.2 mm
diameter: 6.8 mm
Made in Switzerland

in stock
price 0,20 €
Brand: Renata
Kind: Watch - 364 / SR621SW
Dimensions: height: 2.2 mm, diameter: 6.8 mm
Tension: 1.55V
Producer: Renata
Quantity: 1 piece in blister
Other designations: 363 621 V364 GP364 SB-AG 280-34 280-74 CX60 164 602 SR621SW SR621W SR60 D364 LR621 LR620 LR60 AG1
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