Charger everActive NC-450 Black Edition

EAN: 5902020523987
Producer code: NC450B

4 Independent charging channels
Advanced processor that controls the charging process with "Delta V" function
Fast and safe-charging time Max. ~ 5h
Processor Ni-MH; 4xR6/AA, R03/AAA;
Backlit LCD Display
Protection against overcharging, overvoltage, overheating, reverse polarity, detection of defective batteries
2 years Warranty

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Brand: everActive
EverActive NC-450 Black Edition micro-processor charger.

2 years warranty-Highest quality of workmanship.

Everactive NC-450 Black is now even better made -a black, high-quality ABS plastic is used to produce the casing, which charkateryzes very high strength and increased aesthetic value compared to Original.

The everActive NC-450 charger has 4 fully independent charging channels. Allows you to quickly charge 1 to 4 Ni-MH cells of any capacity and size (R03 AAA/R6 AA sticks) in any configuration.
The Microprocessor controls individual charging of each battery separately! This ensures safety and ensures full battery performance.
When fully charged , the charger automatically shuts down-it provides a full charge without reloading the cells even those left behind in the Charger.

The charger is equipped with a multi-segment, multi-function backlit LCD display.

The charger has a unique function of regeneration of extremely discharged/long-unused batteries -it allows you to restore to operation and recharge even those cells that show polar voltage at the level Of "0v"!

Features and capabilities of the Charger NC-450:
- very handy and compact,
- controlled micro-processor - provides fast (~ 1-5h) charging and accurate, automatic determination Of full-charge DV method,
-Four, completely independent charging channels-possibility of charging 1-4pcs. Different batteries, different manufacturers, different capacities, in different sizes,
-Easy-to-read LCD display with green backlight. -Protection of batteries against overcharging,
- unique double full charge indication -1) graphical INFORMATION on the LCD display, individual for each charging slot, 2) when all batteries are fully charged, the green LED backlight Display,
- automatic shutdown of charging -when fully charged, the batteries remain ready for use without the risk of reloading even when they are left in the charger for an extended period of time,
-The charging status shown on the LCD display.

Kit Contents:

  • NC-450 BLACK battery charger packaged in original carton,
  • Power cable 1m,
  • Instructions for use EN/EN/DE.
Technical data
Supported Batteries  

Order: 1px solid #000000; "align =" LEFT "width =" 70% ">1-4pcs. R03 AAA/R6 AA, Ni-MH
of any capacity
ChargingAA 1 pcs. -1800mA, 2 pcs. -900mA, 3-4 PCs. -450mA
AAA 1 pc. 900mA, 2 pcs. -450mA, 3-4 -225mA
SecurityMicroprocessor with control-dV,
Protection against overheating of batteries,
Overload/short-circuit protection,
Detection of damaged and alkaline cells
Operating modesCharge (charging)LcdLarge, readable with green backlight,
Graphical indication of the charge level
Power100-240V AC 50-60Hz 10W Max, 1m power cable includedDimensions110 x 68 x 29 mmWarranty2 years oldApproximate charging times3-4 PCs. AA 2000mAh ~ 5h
1 PCs. AA 2000mAh ~ 1, 2h
3-4 PCs. AAA 800 mAh ~ 4.2 h
1 PCs. AAA 800 mAh ~ 1h

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