40 x Panasonic Powerline Industrial LR03/AAA

EAN: 5902020523253
Price for the battery-only 0.77 zł. Net!!!
Industrial High-performance series
Date of expiry: 2022
Made in Belgium
not available at the moment
price 5,76 €
Brand: Panasonic
40 LR03/AAA Alkaline batteries Panasonic Powerline Industrial

Alkaline batteries for Professional/industrial applications! PANASONIC Powerline INDUSTRIAL is a series of alkaline battery with versatile application, but mainly aimed at high-power devices and for working in harsh environments.

Minimum expiration date: 2022

Technical data:

Voltage [V]: 1.5

Packaging: Cardboard 40 pcs.

Model: LR03/AAA

Size: AAA

Voltage [V]: 1.5

diameter [mm]: 10.5 in

Height [mm]: 44.5 in

Other designations: AAA/LR03/LR3/AM4/E92

The Industrial (industrial) alkaline battery is equivalent to the highest quality battery available in blister packs and can be used in pressure gauges, flashcards and other home appliances. The price of these batteries does not include high costs for advertising and marketing. So they are an optimal choice of high quality in relation to price.

A full datasheet (PDF) is available on the manufacturer's website- here
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