Battery Duracell 539/4LR61/J/7K67/KJ

EAN: 5000394767102
in stock
price 2,80 €
Brand: Duracell
Battery Duracell J/7k67/539/KJ/4LR61

The 539/J alkaline battery is used in selected camera models as well as in medical devices (glucose meters, pressure gauges, etc.) and in some models of TV pilots.

voltage [V]: 6.0 in

Packaging: Blister 1 pc

other designations: 1412ap, 4018, 4AM6, 4LR61, 539, 7K67, J, KJ

length [mm]: 48.5 in

width [mm]: 35.6 in

height [mm]: 9.2 in

Battery with long expiry date
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