About us


Baltrade was established in 1990 and from its beginning it has specialized in wholesaling of all types of batteries and electrical / electronic products. The office and warehouse of Baltrade is located in northern Poland, GdaƄsk. We have many years of experience in battery sales. 


Battery distributor

Baltrade is a leading battery distributor in Poland. We offer a wide range of batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers, light sources, flash lights and electronics. Baltrade has grown to become recognizable and appreciated company in battery business on Polish market. Our company has been awarded by the Forbes in 2014 and 2015. 

Export price lists

To get access to the export (Eur) price lists click here.

We offer several hundred products, including:

  • rechargeable batteries
  • zinc-air (hearing aid) batteries
  • lithium batteries
  • alkaline batteries
  • zinc-carbon batteries
  • silver watch batteries

Not only does our offer cover the whole range of specialized batteries, but also all types of batteries used in a common household equipment. Our products come from the leading battery manufacturers like: Rayovac, Panasonic, Energizer, Duracell, GP, Philips, Varta, Siemens, Maxell.


We also have our own - everActive - product range. EverActive is a registered in EU brand of high quality products which include: ready to use, high capacity rechargeable batteries (R6, R03,R14,R20, 9V), wide range of battery chargers, lithium and alkaline coin batteries, high quality flashlights, chargers for AGM and car batteries . The products are getting very popular, because of reliable performance and competitive pricing policy. The products have been thoroughly tested and are in compliance with EU standards. Despite the low prices, they offer top quality and reliability. 

Internet sales

Our online shop - www.hurt.com.pl (“hurt” means “wholesale” in Polish) has been awarded 1st places in Poland for the years 2012, 2013 and the year 2014 - as the best e-shop with consumer electronics. These awards were based on after sale opinions collected from clients by Ceneo.pl (the most popular website comparing prices in Poland). Our e-shop offers: batteries, chargers, memory cards, light sources, flash lights, electronic products, accessories for mobile phones and computers, networking equipment and many other useful products. Every day many hundreds of clients are served by us. 


We are looking for foreign trade partners. Would you like to cooperate with us – please contact us for the best prices or present your offer. Please indicate which products and what quantity are you interested in. Send your inquiry to: contact@baltrade.eu 


Our products are delivered by GLS in parcels and by Raben on pallets. We are able to offer very competitive rates for shipping Europe wide. GLS and Raben are known for their high quality and precise delivery. Products are packed and secured for transport by our staff. While your order will be shipped you will receive an email with all tracking information. 

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