Headlamp, headlamp Petzl Swift RL E095BA00 black

EAN: 3342540828506
Producer code: E095BA00

headlamp of a reputable manufacturer - the French company Petzl
light strength 900 lumens, range 150 meters
lighting time: 2h in max mode, 100h in eco mode
power supply: dedicated Li-ion battery
5 years warranty

in stock
price 63,44 €
Brand: Petzl

SWIFT RL headlamp with a power of 900 lumens weighing only 100 g. The most powerful of Petzl's compact headlamps. Thanks to reactive lighting technology, the flashlight analyzes the amount of ambient light and adjusts the shape of the beam and its power to the user's needs instantly and automatically. The band has reflective elements visible from afar. The shape of the band ensures excellent stability of the flashlight on the head during dynamic activities such as mountaineering, running, skiing. The operation of the SWIFT RL  headlamp is intuitive, one button allows access to all the functions of the flashlight. The headlamp is equipped with a battery charge indicator.

  • Very strong and lightweight: 900 lumens at 100 g
  • Comfort of use and optimal lighting time:
    •  Longer lighting time and flashlight manipulation reduced to a minimum thanks to REACTIVE LIGHTING technology: the light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness and shape of the light beam, optimizing battery consumption
    • optical comfort achieved thanks to two beams (wide or mixed), providing strong lighting for outdoor activities: short range, for movement and long range
    • comfortable elastic band consisting of two parts (Petzl patent) for optimal stabilization during dynamic activities
    • reflective elements on the back of the band visible from a distance
  • 2350 mAh Li-ion battery, charged via micro USB type B plug, with charge indicator
  • Simple and intuitive operation:
    • easy to use thanks to one button allowing access to all functions: on/off, choice of lighting modes and levels, lock
    • two lighting modes, available by long press of the switch: REACTIVE LIGHTING or STANDARD LIGHTING
    • LOCK function to protect against accidental activation of the flashlight during transport/storage
    • five-stage discharge indicator precise determination of the remaining battery energy
    • if the flashlight is worn around the neck, it can be tilted upwards to see the area in front of you
    • the elastic band can be disassembled and washed

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