2x 18650 Li-ion 2600 mAh battery Sony / Murata US18650VTC5

EAN: 5903205772275
Producer code: VTC5

Packed in a reusable plastic box
high current - maximum discharge current 20A
using thermal protection - 30A

nominal voltage: 3.6V
typical capacity: 2600mAh
dimensions: 18,35mm x 65,20mm

in stock
price 8,30 €
Brand: Sony

2x original 18650 Sony / Murata US18650VTC5 Li-ion cell (without protection) with high maximum discharge current - 20A.

With the use of additional thermal protection (e.g. on the device side), the battery can be discharged with a continuous current of 30A.

The sold battery does not have electronic protection against overcharging and deep discharge.
Lithium batteries in sizes 18650 with protection are available here.

When using lithium batteries, they should be used together with PCB protection systems or BMS battery management systems, which  ensure the safety of their use - they protect the cells against overcharging, overheating, excessive discharge and short circuit, as well as have a positive effect on their service life.  

Remember that by purchasing a cell without protection, you accept the reservation contained in the regulations of point 6.7.


- high-quality chargers with charging cut-off at a voltage not higher than 4.2V should be used to charge the battery
- do not allow the battery to discharge below 2.5V
- do not discharge the battery with currents higher than those specified in the specification below
- do not charge the battery with currents higher than those specified in the specification below
- do not short-circuit the battery
- do not transfer with metal elements (risk of short circuit and burns)
- do not allow the battery to overheat above the temperatures provided by the manufacturer
- do not use batteries with damaged cover/foil
- do not use batteries with damaged or dented housing
- do not allow contact with water and other liquids
- do not solder plates or wires using a regular soldering iron

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