10 x Duracell Procell 6LR61 9V Alkaline Battery

EAN: 5000394122130
Product of the world leader - Duracell
best before date: 2024
in stock
price 8,20 €
Brand: Duracell

Commonly used designation: R9* batteries (9V)
Alkaline batteries for professional use!

*R9 is the correct designation for another type of battery: V625U, but consumers commonly use the R9 designation for 6LR61 9V batteries.

DURACELL PROCELL is the energy for the most demanding equipment!

Duracell Industrial batteries are the industrial standard of duracell reinforced alkaline batteries.

These high-quality alkaline batteries are designed for enterprises and designed for the highest loads. They are characterized by high efficiency throughout the life period even in difficult conditions!!

voltage [V]: 9

package: 10 pcs.

model: 6LR61, 6LF22

Size: 9V

length [mm]: 25.5

width [mm]: 16.5

height [mm]: 47.5

Expiration date: 2024

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