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1 x Fujitsu Universal Power 6LR61/9V (blister)  
Durable alkaline Batteries
Designed in Japan
Date of expiry: 2023
price 0,80 €
in stock
2 x Fujitsu Universal Power LR20/D (blister)  
Durable alkaline batteries!
Produced in Japan,
Date of expiry: 01.2023
price 1,40 €
in stock
4 x Fujitsu BLACK HR-4UTHC R03/AAA 950mAh rechargeable Batteries  
-High capacity 950 mAh
-Retains 85% capacity after 12 months!
-Works at low temperatures up to-20st. C!
-charged in the solar energy production process
Packaged in a blister
Made in Japan
price 4,00 €
in stock
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