18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh

Producer code: INR18650-30Q
High current-Maximum discharge current 20A!
Nominal voltage: 3, 63V
Typical capacity: 3000mAh
Dimensions: 18, 33mm x 65mm
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price 2,65 €
Brand: Samsung

Unprotected, original 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery OF Samsung INR18650-30q with high maximum discharge Current-20a.

The battery sold does not have electronic protection against overcharging and deep discharge.

• To charge the battery, use a high-quality charger with a cut-off charge at a voltage of not more than 4, 2V.
• Do not allow the battery to discharge below the voltage of 2, 5V
• Do not discharge the battery with currents higher than those specified in the specifications
• Do not charge the battery with currents higher than those specified in the specifications
• Do not short-circuit the battery
• Do not carry with metal parts (short-circuit and burns risk)
• Do not allow the battery to overheat above the temperatures provided by the manufacturer
• Do not use batteries with a defective cover/foil
• Do not use batteries with damaged or indented housing
• Do not allow contact with water or other liquids
• Do not solder the blades or wires using an ordinary soldering iron

Cell Data Sheet.

Product data
Link model Samsung INR18650-30Q
Nominal voltage 3, 61V
Capacity Typical: 3000mAh
Charging Standard-1500mA
Maximum discharge current Guaranteed continuous current ACC. to Specifications- 15a
Maximum continuous current in Samsung's official tests- 20a
Maximum charging voltage 4, 2V
Minimum cut-off voltage 2, 5V
Dimensions Diameter 18, 33mm,
Height: 64, 85mm
Weight 45, 6g
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