78 x Battery for Vinnic 27A Car Remote Control

collective carton - 78 pieces
voltage [V]: 12.0
diameter [mm]: 7.7
height [mm]: 28.5
other designations: MN27 / L828 / CA22 / EL-812 / EL812 / G27A / GP27A

in stock
price 15,15 €
Brand: Vinnic

Vinnic Batteries 27A / A27 / L828 - 78 pieces


Well-known manufacturer VINNIC - long expiration date - long operation - excellent value for money.

Applications: in calculators, remote control systems, security systems and in high-tech devices requiring small size, portable energy sources that cannot be obtained by using standard batteries.

The 27A battery is one of the most commonly used batteries in alarm remote controls.

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