Maxell 317 Silver Mini battery/SR 516 SW

EAN: 4902580132187
Quantity: 1 piece in blister
Height: 1.65 mm
Diameter: 5.8 mm
Made in Japan
price 0,46 €
Brand: Maxell

Technical parameters:

Dimensions:Height: 1.65 mm, Diameter: 5.8 mm
Voltage:1.55 V
Quantity:1 piece in Blister pack
Other markings:516 SR516SW 280-58 317 D317 SR62 RW326 V317

Batteries manufactured in Japan.

Maxell Watch batteries are silver-oxide batteries. They are used in a wide range of watches-from digital, demanding large-size cells, to the most elegant women's watches powered by very small batteries.

A table of replacers is available here.

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