8 x Duracell Ultra Powercheck LR6 AA alkaline battery (blister)

EAN: 5000394063051
Producer code: MX1500

best before date: 2029
practical charge meter - Powercheck

The product is available only to wholesale customers.
Brand: Duracell

AA AA (LR6) Duracell Ultra batteries

The original product of one of the world's largest battery manufacturers

Reliable Ultra alkaline batteries ensure long-term operation of devices such as toys, flashlights, radios, audio-video, electronic games, remote controls. Thanks to Duralock technology, they are leak-resistant and have a long shelf life, retaining power for up to 10 years. They provide up to 70% more energy than low-cost alkaline batteries. Equipped with practical charge meter - Powercheck.

High capacity.

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