Lithium battery SAFT LS14250 1/2AA 3, 6V LiSOCl2 size 1/2 AA

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Brand: SAFT
Lithium battery LS14250 SAFT 1/2AA

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Technical data:
Size: 1/2 AA
Voltage: 3.6 V
Capacity: 1.2 Ah
Maximum continuous current: 35mA
Max Pulse Current: 200mA (1 sec)
Dimensions: Diameter: 14.65 mm; Height: 24.8 mm
Weight: 8, 9g

Replaces the batteries:

XENO Energy: XL-050F (1.2)
Tadiran: TL-2150 (0.95), TL-4902 (1.2), TL-5101 (0.95), TL-5151 (0.7), TL-5902 (1.2)
Sonnenschein: SL-350 (1.0), SL-750 (0.95)
Toshiba: ER3V (1.0), ER4V (1.2)
Maxell: ER3S (0.79)
Eagle Picher: LTC-9C (0.95)
Vitzro: SB-AA02 (1.2), SB-AA02P (1.2)
EEMB/GMB: ER14250 (1.1)

These are batteries with a very wide range of applications,

  • Memory Retention
  • Industrial and office equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Alarms and alarm Systems
  • Gas flow meters, water
  • Professional Electronics
  • Locational buje
  • Signalling devices
  • Vehicle Electronics

    Other manufacturers ' designations:
    SAFT LST 14250 CNA, SAFT LS-14250, SAFT LS14250CNA, Sonnenschein SL-150, SL150/P, Sonnenschein SL-350, SL-350/S, SL-350/P, SL-350/T, SL-350/PR, SL-350/PT, Sonnenschein SL-550, SL-550/T, SL-550/P, SL-550/PR, SL-550/PT, Sonnenschein SL-750, SL-750/P, SL750, SL-750S, SL-750/T, SL-750/PR, SL-750/PT, Sonnenschein SL-850, Maxell ER3S, ER3S-TC Maxell, Tadiran TL-2150, Tadiran-4902, Tadiran-5101, Tadiran-5111, Tadiran 5151, Tadiran 5902, Toshiba ER3V, Tekcell SB-AA02, Tekcell SB-AA02P, Tekcell SB-AA02 TC, Tekcell SB-AA02 AX, PBQ ER14250, PBQ ER-14250, FUTE ER14250, FUTE ER 14250H.

    Some of these types may have specific type properties: Dogwood PIN connections, welded packets. The services of the connection and welding in the packages do not perform.

    Specifications in PDF format

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