Fan-standing windmill, with oscillation Honeywell HSF1630E

EAN: 4022167202505

Oscillating (can be switched off)
Stable and silent operation
Height adjustment (110-122 cm)
Adjustable Tilt angle
Stable base
Power: 45W
Fan Diameter: 60 cm
3 Speed Ventilation

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price 36,15 €
Brand: Pozostali

Reputable brand floor fan Honeywell model HSF1630E4

Floor Fan
Floor fan from Honeywell. The fan is easy to operate and install. It has 3 speeds, so you customize your device settings in all conditions. Stylish design makes the device fit for home or office. It does not occupy much space. Its stable base eliminates the possibility of overturning.

Efficient ventilation, silent operation
Performance gives you the ability to quickly cool the heated room. In a few moments, you will feel relieved during the hot weather. The fan is silent Enough (51 dB) that you can sleep with it.

Oscillating function
The fan has the possibility of rotating movement (up to 90degrees), thanks to which the supply will arrive in all corners of the room. It has an adjustable rotor slope (up to 30 degrees).

Protective Mesh
The protective mesh protects the propeller and protects the children. The mesh can be easily dismounted to clean the windmill.

Speed Selector
3 speeds, thanks to which you choose the right level of supply.

Technical Specifications:
Power supply: mains
Noise level: 51 dB
Number of gears: 3
Power: 45 W
Fan Diameter: 60 cm
Oscillation: Yes
Colour: Black
Height: 110 in-122 cm
Weight: 3.7 kg

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