Gel Battery AGM Europower 6V 1.2 Ah

Renowned manufacturer-Europower!
Batteries with a design life of 6 – 9 years
Suitable for buffer and cyclic operation
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Brand: Pozostali

EUROPOWER® EP SERIES are batteries with a design life of 6 – 9 years at 20oC according to Eurobat (5 years at 25oC) made with AGM technology.

The special design and high efficiency of constant current and steady-flow discharge ensure that they are a versatile power source, guaranteeing reliable and stable buffer operation in stand-by equipment and a long cyclic life.

The EP series with capacities ranging from 1.2 Ah/C20 to 17Ah/C20 (6V and 12V) is the ideal solution for home and industrial applications in emergency power supply and various types of electronic equipment.

Maintenance-free, leak-proof Vrla -type battery Made in AGMtechnology. Designed for both cyclic and buffer work. It can work in any position.

Vrla -valve Regulated Lead acid: Rechargeable lead-acid battery regulated by valve.

AGM -Absorbed glass Mat: TYPE OF Vrla Battery in which the electrolyte is absorbed in the separator made of glass mat.


-UPS, Computer emergency power,
-Alarm systems, fire, industrial TV,
-Monitoring systems,
-Emergency lighting,
-Emergency power supply for automation, security,
-Telephone, radiocommunication panels,
-Cash registers, fiscal printers,
-Solar battery systems,
-Navigation devices,

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Product data
Capacity1.2 Ah
DimensionsLength: 97mm
Width: 25mm
Height: 52mm
Total height
(with connectors)
Type of connectorsFast-On
Weight0, 3kg
Internal resistance
(Full charge, 25 °C)
Constant voltage Charging
(20 °C)
Buffer operation: 6, 75V-6, 9V
Cyclic operation: 7, 25V-7, 5V
Maximum charging current0, 36A
Capacity (25 °C)20-hour: 1, 20Ah
10-hour: 1, 14Ah
5-hour: 1, 02Ah
1-hour 0, 79Ah

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