OMRON M3 COMFORT Pressure gauge

EAN: 4015672109834
Current model HEM 7134
Memory: 2x60 Measurements
Innovative Cuff
Cuff 22-42cm
Detects arrhythmia
Detects hypertension
5 years warranty!
in stock
price 33,00 â‚¬
Brand: Omron
Branded shoulder pressure gauge
Omron M3 Comfort HEM-7134-E
The fully automatic shoulder pressure gauge is designed with comfort and accuracy in mind. Intellisenseâ„¢ ensures that the cuff is pumped to the right value, and the unique icon of the correctly placed cuff shows whether the sleeve is properly attached to the hand.

The new Intelli Wrap cuff type, known from the M6 Comfort model, is designed to minimize the impact of incorrect cuff assumptions.

Device Features:
1. Indicator of correctly placed cuff
Indicates whether the cuff has been correctly formed or not too loose or fastenured too tightly.
2. blood pressure level indicator
The indicator resulting from a comparison of the measured blood pressure value to the reference value.
3. Motion Sensor
Detecting unwanted movement of the body.
4. has irregular heartbeat detection
Irregular heartbeat detection (irregular heart rate) shows that irregular heart rate is detected, allowing only reliable results to be displayed.
5. Average of 3 measurement results
The average of the results of three consecutive measurements taken during 10 minutes.
6. Clinically Approved
The reliability and accuracy of the device has been thoroughly investigated by the most important health care organizations during numerous research procedures.
7. Two User memories
Memory allows you to save two users ' measurement results.

The kit includes:
Omron M3 COMFORT HEM-7134-E
Omron Intelli Wrap Adult cuff (for shoulders with circumference 22-42cm)
Zippered case
Set of alkaline batteries (4 pcs R6/AA)
Pressure quotation sheet
Polish manual
5-Year Warranty

OMRON M3 Comfort has a 5-year manufacturer's warranty from door to door In case of a failure The courier arrives after the equipment at the cost of the service.
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